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Jul 9, 2024: I’m Not That Girl • from Wicked (piano cover) 💚🩷🎹

Jun 9, 2024: Vlog: Girls trip to NYC 🌃🍎🗽🥯🚖🍕

Jan 23, 2024: Leftovers 🍽️

Jan 22, 2024: Been a busy (for me), grey weekend: Wine and paint night for J—’s birthday on Friday, back-to-back wedding receptions on Saturday and Sunday, punctuated by this morning’s …

Jan 19, 2024: Tot lot time with J— and her bugaboos. Baby boy was intent on tidying up before we left.

Jan 18, 2024: Hah, okay. I’m the one who lugged this unexpectedly bulky package through the doorway, but puppy still wants reassurance that it won’t …

Jan 18, 2024: Lunch 🍽️

Jan 18, 2024: Knocked out an early treadmill session since I was awake (thanks, night shift) and also because we’re expecting a delivery that needs to be …

Jan 16, 2024: A nice walk to Halo-Halo Cafe with K— 👟

Jan 13, 2024: I’m glad P— and I were able to catch up today. She’s the one who suggested we check out Home Coffee. It’s a minimalist, open space …

Jan 12, 2024: On our way home from a successful puppy play date 🐾

Jan 8, 2024: Reading: The Vulnerables by Sigrid Nunez 📚

Jan 4, 2024: Okay, okay.